—— Invited Speaker ——
Dr. Yuan Chen

Dr. Yuan Chen

School of System Design and Intelligent Manufacturing,
Southern University of Science and Technology, China
Speech Title: A Novel Method for Modelling 3D-printed Continuous Fibre Composite Structures

Abstract: Currently, 3D printing technology becomes increasingly important and convenient to easily achieve new continuous carbon fibre (CCF) composite structures. However, the 3D-printed CCF composites usually compose not only complex structural geometries but also nonuniform fibre paths with variable mechanical properties and multiple constituents, impeding their effective modelling and analysis for engineering applications. This study developed a novel numerical method to calculate the damage behaviours of 3D-printed CCF reinforced omposites when there are additional short carbon fibre (SCF) composite components employed for continuous printing or special functionality. First, a progressive failure model using Hashin failure criteria with continuum damage mechanics to account the damage initiation and evaluation of 3D-printed CCF reinforced polyamide (PA) composites, and an elastic plastic model was deployed to predict the plastic damage behaviours of SCF/PA parts. The accuracy of the new modelling method was validated. The results demonstrate that the matrix tensile and compressive damage are the key damage mechanisms. This study provides a new approach with valuable information for characterising complex 3D-printed continuous fibre-matrix composites with, i.e., variable mechanical properties and multiple constituents.

Biography: Dr. Yuan Chen serves as an assistant professor at Southern University of Science and Technology. He obtained his PhD degree from the University of Sydney in 2019. From 2019 to 2022, he was an ARC postdoctoral research associate at the University of Sydney, focusing his research on mechanism analysis, damage prediction, structural design and advanced manufacturing, etc. for composite materials and structures. His research interests are mostly concentrated on additive manufacturing of composite materials, design and computational analysis of composite structures, topological and structural optimisation for metamaterials and advanced composites, etc., attained a series of significant achievements. As the first or correspondent author, he has published about 26 papers in renowned international journals such as Compos Sci Technol, Compos Part A, etc. and his research outcomes have been well recognised and appraised by world-renowned experts, academic institutions, international organisations and so forth – He has been Associate Editor for “Advanced Manufacturing: Polymer & Composites Science” and Guest Editor for 5 SCI journals. He has been a very active reviewer for many top-tier journals, e.g., Compos Sci Technol, Addit Manuf, etc. and invited to give speeches and chair sessions at various prestigious academic seminars and international conferences. Currently, he has been a very active reviewer for more than 30 top-tier journals. He has been a national project reviewer for National Science Centre (NCN), Poland, and he is also a professional member of several renowned academic societies and organisations, such as Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS), European Mechanics Society (Euromech), etc.

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