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Dr. Anastasiia Krushynska

Dr. Anastasiia Krushynska

Engineering and Technology Institute Groningen (ENTEG), University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Speech Title: Programmable Shape-morphing Rose-shaped Mechanical Metamaterials

Abstract: Shape-morphing is an attractive functionality desired in many applications, including robotic grippers, medical stents, wearable electronics, and others. It can be achieved, e.g., by properly combining materials with auxetic and conventional behavior. In this work, we develop a strategy to implement programmable shape-morphing function in so-called rose-shaped metamaterials with a large range of tailorable Poisson’s ratio subject to tensile loading. Specifically, we propose two design strategies for the metamaterial flat sheets delivering high shape comfortability or uniform effective stiffness, and three design strategies for the cylinder-shaped metamaterials, which cover the three fundamental deformation modes – extension, bending, and twist. The theoretical results are validated on SLA durable resin samples and reveal excellent agreement with the predictions. Our findings reveal a promising potential to program complex functionalities under simple loading by manipulating structural geometry and to develop practical metamaterial structures at comparatively low costs.

Biography: Dr. Anastasiia Krushynska is an assistant professor at the Engineering and Technology InstituteGroningen, the University of Groningen in the Netherlands (since 2019) leading a Metamaterials group comprising 4 Ph.D.s and several M.Sc. students. Her research is focused on understanding the relations between material and its architecture as well as developing applications for advanced engineered materials with the main interests in the fields of Wave Dynamics, Acoustics, and Materials Engineering. She published about 45 papers in leading international journals, including Advanced Functional Materials, Physical Review Letters, Applied Physics Letters, Journal of Mechanics and Physics of Solids, New Journals of Physics, etc. with some of them highlighted in news. She serves as an associate editor in two journals, guest editor in 5 journals, a committee member of the Dutch National funding agency, and is a reviewer for more than 65 journals, three funding agencies, and three international conferences.

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