—— Special Session ——
Special Session: Dynamic Strength of Structures

Session Chair: Dr. Jianxun Zhang
Associate Professor, School of Aerospace Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

Dr. Jianxun Zhang is an associate professor of Xi’an Jiaotong University in China. He has published 76 peer-review journal papers, and published 61 peer-review journal papers as the first author / corresponding author in important journals of solid mechanics and composite material. Dr. Zhang has published 7 EI papers, 11 papers in important Chinese core journals, and authorized 2 invention patents and 1 software copyright, wrote one chapter of an English book (as the first author). He presided two general programs and one youth program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. He served as young director of the Council of metamaterials branch of China Society for Materials Research, editorial board member of
Chinese Journal of Ship Research, young editorial board member of Defense Technology, young editorial board member of Chinese Journal of High Pressure Physics, young editorial board member of Chinese Journal of Applied Mechanics, young and middle-aged editorial board of Journal of China University of Mining & Technology, editorial board of American Journal of Aerospace Engineering, editorial board of Journal of Modern Polymer Chemistry and Materials, an editorial board of Modern Physics, section editor of Current Physics, senior member of Chinese Society for Composite Materials. Dr. Zhang served as the chairman of branches and organizing committees of many domestic and international conferences.

Special Session Information
Under extreme conditions such as explosion and impact, materials and structures will experience severe impact loads, which are characterized by high temperature, high strain rate, and high pressure. Impact load includes blast loading, ballistic impact, and damage. In this Special Issue, theoretical analysis, numerical simulations, and experiments will be used to study the dynamic strength, impact response and protection designs of materials and structures, including metal materials, composite materials, polymer materials, ceramic materials, cellular materials, biomaterials, lightweight cellular sandwich structures, composite structures, soft matter, advanced nanomaterials, layered structures, etc. In these studies, the influences of boundary conditions, load characteristics, size effects, material properties, geometric properties, and other factors on the impact characteristics and dynamic strengths of materials and structures are considered. Through these studies, we can better understand the failure mechanisms, dynamic strength, energy absorption, optimal designs of these materials and structures under impact load, and so on. Understanding potential dynamic strength and failure mechanisms can help to design advanced materials or structures for energy absorption or impact resistance.

The main topics of interest for this Special Session include but are not limited to:
• Dynamic strength of structures;
• Residual strength of structures after impact;
• Dynamic behavior of materials;
• Dynamic response of structures;
• Energy absorption of materials and structures;
• Damage mechanism of materials and structures;
• Optimal designs of protective materials and structures;
• Blast loading;
• Low-velocity impact;
• Ballistic impact.

Submission Deadline: May 10, 2023

This special session is now open for submission and registration. Please submit your abstract / full paper via the Submission System and choose the option of “Special Session: Dynamic Strength of Structures". After that, you can make the conference registration directly via the Registration Page or the conference secretary will contact you for further information.